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Questions to Ask your Cake Baker Part 2

Updated: Mar 20

Your options are truly endless when it comes to choosing the perfect cake and more importantly the right baker. In our original blog post we mentioned 10 Questions to ask your Cake Baker and we realized solely ten questions couldn't suffice narrowing down the ideal baker. Below are additional questions we came up with help during your cake journey:

large white cake with red roses down the left side
Lavar Elliot Photography

1. HOW DO YOU PRICE YOUR CAKES? Oftentimes, bakers will charge per slice. However, the tiers and overall size of the cake along with fillings and frosting are all important factors as well.

2. ARE YOUR CAKES FRESH OR FROZEN? This question comes down to personal preference. Some will argue that you can tell when a cake was previously frozen . Others will say it makes the cake more moist and less gritty. It's truly up to you.

3. CAN YOU CREATE A SKETCH OF THE CAKE FOR US TO REVIEW? Of course you have faith in your baker but there's nothing wrong with asking for a sketch so you can see your vision on paper to make sure you and your baker are on the same page.

4. CAN YOU MAKE A GROOM'S CAKE? A grooms cake is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the groom and let his personality shine. This cake can be served at the rehearsal dinner or alongside your traditional cake at the reception.

5. HOW WILL MY CAKE BE DELIVERED? This is very important to confirm with your baker. Will your baker deliver your cake to your reception or will someone else have to pick it up?

6. DO YOU PROVIDE RENTAL ITEMS? Once your cake is ordered consider how you want the cake to be displayed and served. Most bakers can provide cake stands and serving utensils at an additional cost.

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