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10 Questions to Ask Your Cake Baker

Updated: Mar 13

Having a cake at a wedding or special event is a tradition that has been passed down for centuries. With the multitude of bakeries and independent bakers present today, choosing the perfect cake might be a little overwhelming. Below we listed our Top 10 Questions to ask your baker to ease the process.

1. WHAT FLAVORS AND FILLINGS DO YOU OFFER? You might have a certain flavor in mind but your cake baker will most likely have a wide variety of concoctions compiled that would be perfect for your occasion. Find out if you can have different flavors and fillings for the different tiers.

2. HOW MUCH IS YOUR DEPOSIT? When is the deposit due, does it go toward our balance? If it doesn't go toward our balance what are we responsible for to receive the deposit back after the wedding?

3. IS A TASTING INCLUDED WITH YOUR SERVICES? Cake tasting fees vary, based on the bakery. Some bakers will set up a consultation that includes a tasting free of charge others might not. Double check to see if the tasting goes towards your balance or is it a separate fee in itself.

4. DO YOU HAVE A PORTFOLIO OF PAST DESIGNS? Most bakeries will have their work displayed on their social media channels but often times bakers will also have professional portfolios to show clients more of their designs and aesthetic. Your wedding or special event is not the day you want a baker to experiment on a custom concept for the first time. It's always important to ask your baker what their specialty is to familiarize yourself with their style and offerings. If you have a certain cake in mind, it's better to book a baker who already has plenty of experience creating it.

5. ARE YOUR CAKES FINISHED WITH BUTTERCREAM OR FONDANT? If you're planning an outdoor wedding, whipped and buttercreams will most likely melt on a warm sunny day. Fondant finishing can sometimes withstand heat and humidity better.

6. WILL YOU WORK WITH OUR FLORIST? If you want to incorporate fresh flowers on your cake, see if your baker will collaborate with your florist to get an overall cohesive look.

White wedding cake with white and cream flowers top to bottom.
Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes

7. CAN WE FREEZE THE TOP TIER? If you're choosing to participate in freezing of the top tier of your cake, make sure to confirm with the bakery that the cake will freeze and taste great one year later.

8. DO YOU OFFER ANY OTHER TYPES OF DESSERTS? Often times weddings and events provide more than just cake to their guests. To have a more cohesive display ask your baker if they make other desserts outside of cakes. This also helps so you can have an all in one dessert vendor instead of multiple vendors to keep track with.

9. ARE THERE ANY ADDITIONAL FEES? Most bakers/bakeries have additional delivery fees and some have delivery restrictions. Double check to make sure there are no restrictions for you location, date and time.

10. WHAT IS YOUR CANCELLATION POLICY? With the uncertainty of Covid-19 and it's variants, make sure you're choosing a baker with a cancellation policy that you are comfortable and familiar with.

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