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What to Include on Your Wedding Website

Updated: Mar 19

A wedding website is a great way to share your wedding details with your friends and family! It gives you a way to share all the details about your big day and create excitement for guests in advance, so it's important to make sure your site is as appealing and informative as possible. Here are some tips for what you should include on your wedding website:

Your Love Story

Tell your love story! This is the perfect way to show off your individual personalities and show guests why you decided to marry each other. What was it like when you first met? What made you fall in love with each other? How did he propose? How did she say yes? What are some of the things that make your relationship work so well, and why do you think those elements will carry over into marriage?

Registry Details

Including links to your registries are a great way to drive more traffic! This way, guests can easily find your registries and make purchases from their home computers or phones. This is especially important if you're registered at multiple stores, or if you plan to register at additional stores in the future.


Another important thing to include on your wedding website is the hotel room block information. If you plan on having a large group of people stay at a nearby hotel, it's best to reserve those rooms in advance. This can be done by creating a "room block" at the hotel, which means you set aside a certain number of rooms (in addition to yours) for guests who want to stay there. Including information on your site such as where room blocks are set up and deadlines to book will significantly help guests understand their options for accommodations.


It's also important to include answers to common questions that guests might have. These might include:

  • Are the ceremony and reception at the same place?

  • When is the RSVP deadline?

  • What is the dress code?

  • Where do I park?

  • Which airport is closet to the venue?

In conclusion, there is no perfect number of items you should include on your wedding website. What’s most important is that your site should be clear and easy for guests to navigate, but also reflect your personality as a couple!

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