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I was asked by another Planning Company what in the world I was doing through this Pandemic! I answered the questions below if you're curious to what Covesa Kelly is doing.

I wasn't the only planner asked - which is what made it fun. See the full article over on All Events Planned Blog!

Event Planners during a Pandemic

Well, saying 2020 has “thrown us for a loop” is a huge understatement. Lately we’ve been wondering if this is like Back to the Future and someone went back in time and accidentally stepped on a butterfly, throwing the universe out of whack. Alright, that is dramatic. But how awesome would it be if we COULD go back in time and try and prevent this whole mess from happening? Speaking from personal experience, it is easy to fall down into a black hole of negativity. So we wanted to have some FUN and do a little twist on our typical vendor interviews. We reached out to find out what some of our favorite event planners (yes, we are friends with other event planners) have been up to.  What have you been doing to keep busy during quarantine? A common theme of responses was catching up on tasks that typically fall to the bottom of the priority list. Suddenly there is more time to take care of “tomorrow’s problems” that have piled up. Additionally, many of us are now stand in teachers, helping our kids through distance learning. And closest to our hearts, we are helping our clients navigate this roller coaster, assisting in rescheduling and working within health guidelines if they want to proceed with a wedding that will look much different than the original plan.  Covesa Gragg of Covesa Kelly Events has been busy doing “systems and process work, dusting the crevices in the room, spraying down house lighting fixtures. I finally changed ALL the smoke detector batteries! If anyone talks to me regularly they will laugh out loud about the smoke detectors. But the days that feel like doomsday to me I am baking cookies with lots of butter, playing frisbee with the dog, learning Hulu and Words with Friends has become a new pastime.“ What has been the most fun part/least fun part of the quarantine? We aren’t sure that anyone would describe living in quarantine as “fun”, but there have to at least be some fun aspects. If you aren’t laughing you’re crying, right?! Looks like lots of newfound skills in the kitchen!

Covesa Kelly Events: “Fun - maybe the extra baking but dassit and that's really not "fun". There's been nothing fun about this. I am a stay at home person, I'm used to solitude, but something about this just ain't it. I'm ready for some interaction again.” 

What have your clients needed the most during this time?  This is totally unprecedented for everyone in our industry. But it’s a completely different set of emotions for our clients having to postpone, cancel or drastically alter wedding plans. We wanted to know what 2020 engaged couples need most right now. Covesa Kelly Events: “Support. Someone to answer their questions well so they can tell their families.” Who are you quarantined with? Families who quarantine together…  Covesa Kelly Events: “My mom and my dog!”

What is the FIRST thing you are doing once the quarantine is lifted?  We HAVE to ask this. It helps to have lots to look forward to when this is all over! Covesa Kelly Events: “TACO TUESDAY!!!!!!”

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