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No White After Labor Day

Updated: Mar 20

By: Kissed by Bo

Yes I am old school with it!!! SO I pulled out all my white on labor day weekend!!! *** shuda wore white shoes didn't have ne, that would go*** Quick tip, *old school style * no white ( creams, and off white is fine) The seasons are changing, and yes it is still hot. I am a no white after labor day typa gurl

lady in white posing

( roots from the south) but if you dare, I'd  say wear it until it's official fall ( fall solstice 9/22) Then throw on your; off whites, creams, white leather, white suedes, white cords, white fur (some of these whites are to hot for the summer- why they call them winter white) It's all about knowing the difference between summer white and winter white!!! And this applies for your bottoms, and depending shoes (white tshirts- and white tennis are fine)

Any questions class??


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