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A Planners Perspective: Covesa

Updated: Mar 13

Recently in our "Planners Perspective" series we interviewed Dom , an experienced planner who has been with Covesa Kelly Events for nine years. Today we're excited to share our exclusive interview with no other than Covesa herself, the owner and founder of Covesa Kelly Events!

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Covesa is an author, an energetic and passionate speaker, coach, and a business strategist with a background in banking and finance. After planning her own wedding, she discovered a level of service that was missing in the event industry. Most importantly, it was not offered to people that looked like her. By treating wedding and event planning like the businesses they are, Covesa quickly became one of Northeast Ohio’s top picks for event planners.

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CKE: What all should clients expect from their wedding planner?

Covesa: Honest and consistent communication. A understanding of how the industry works, contracts and payments. Clients should look to their planner to help manage their expectations on event logistics, timelines and vendor work.

CKE: How many weddings/special events have you planned?

Covesa: I'm probably around 350 events.

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CKE: What planning services do you offer?

Covesa: Full Service planning and design for weddings, non-profit and corporate events. I'm looking forward to growing into some large scale conferences and concerts!

CKE: What is the average price for weddings you plan?

Covesa: Clients spend on average $50-$65K

CKE: What are some wedding trends you expect for 2022?

Covesa: More color! Green and Yellows are on the way. People moving away from traditions (which kind of makes me sad).

CKE: How do you feel about afterparties following the wedding?

Covesa: I don't really get it. Wedding Days are usually 6-8 hours long. I'm tired at the end, the couple is tired at the end, the guests are tired at the end. Why are we extending the party for 2-3 more hours? I think a great brunch the next day or maybe even a "brunch day party" would be more fun once everyone has recovered from the wedding day.

CKE: Do you do destination weddings?

Covesa: Yes! Destinations are amazing and they don't always have to be somewhere far away. You can do destination just a few states away.

CKE: How are your clients able to afford such extravagant weddings?

Covesa: Our clients are typically business professional, highly educated, double income households with help from immediate family. They have often times saved and have disposable income to comfortably splurge on their wedding.

CKE: What other events outside of weddings do you plan?

Covesa: We have had several clients come back to us for their baby showers (love), birthday celebrations and milestone events. We can also help with business conferences, annual fundraisers. We have several corporate clients that hire us for team trainings, retreats and sales and marketing customer experiences .

We hope that this introduction to Covesa will have given you a little insight into her background, and why she’s so great at what she does! She’ll take care of all of your wedding needs, from start to finish. If you're ready to turn your event ideas into a reality, get in touch with us! We would love to hear more about your celebration. Please inquire here or email us directly at


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