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A Planners Perspective : Dom

Updated: Mar 13

Recently in our blog we've been interviewing relevant Cleveland businesses and venues so our readers can familiarize themselves with local event related professionals. And we thought who better to interview next than a wedding planner? Here at Covesa Kelly Events we have a team of skilled Planners and Event Assistants to provide five-star customer service to every client and always go above and beyond!

We reached out to one of our planners Dominique to share her insights on everything wedding planning! Not only is she an expert at weddings, but she's also a perfectionist who will make sure every detail of your special day runs smoothly. Continue reading below for our exclusive interview:

Lady in yellow blazer leaning against chair

I'm Dominique! The people call me Dom. I graduated from Kent State University with a degree in Integrated Mathematics with high hopes of becoming a highschool math teacher. After completing my student teaching experience I said...."nevermind!" LOL! I have been working with CKE for 9 years. I love creating fabulous events that leave everlasting memories and I'm a sucker for L.O.V.E. Outside of planning weddings for the fabulous, I enjoy traveling, reading & laughing. I love adventure and I'm always down to learn something new. Coming To America, Hamilton, Queen of The South and Beyoncé are a few of my favorites! CKE: What made you want to be an event planner?

Dom: I have the most cliché answer ever but it's true. After planning my wedding and all of the social events leading up to the wedding, I found that I enjoy being creative, organizing ideas and then seeing a vision come to life. CKE: How many weddings/special events have you planned?

Dom: I had to go through my records, but I am at around 50 total weddings and special events that I have planned and/or executed so far.

Bride and groom kissing at ceremony

CKE: What are some of your favorite venues for weddings?

Dom: I get this question a lot and my answer is always I do not have a favorite venue. I appreciate certain qualities about some venues but no venue has checked all of my boxes to be my FAVORITE.....yet!

CKE: What is the average price for weddings you plan?

Dom: The price of weddings has increased over the years, more recently the majority of our clients are spending an average of $40-$60K. A few spend more and some spend less.

Wedding reception table setup and decor

CKE: Why do you recommend booking a professional planner versus someone doing it themselves?

Dom: A wise woman once told me, "You don't know what you don't know." I think a professional planner has experience and knowledge relevant to the industry that people just don't know because they've never planned a wedding or large scale event before. We think of all the possibilities you may not think about. Professionals definitely save you time and sometimes save you money! CKE: What are some wedding trends you expect for 2022?

Dom: I think people are always looking to do something different to enhance the guest experience. I think we will see more couples hiring more entertainment such as live performers, live painters, food trucks, unique food stations & specialty bars. CKE: How do you feel about afterparties?

Dom: I think afterparties are great if you have the right crowd and of course the right budget. If your friends and family members are party people and you have several out of town guests then why not keep the party going? As for me, I'm going to bed! CKE: How are your clients able to afford such extravagant weddings?

Dom: I have no clue! I'm just as shocked as you are when the checks are cleared. Seriously, many of our clients are professionals and pay for the weddings themselves. Some of our clients have a portion or all of the wedding costs gifted by family. Folks will find a way to pay for what they want! We hope that this introduction to Dominique will have given you a little insight into her background, and why she’s so great at what she does! She’ll take care of all of your wedding needs, from start to finish. If you're ready to turn your event ideas into a reality, get in touch with us! We would love to hear more about your celebration. Please inquire here or email us directly at

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