Your Wedding Soundtrack (reception edition)

Music can make or break a wedding day! Music can literally be the magic during the ceremony and the energy at the reception! Think about your music selections and your entertainers, they together can paint a memory that you won't soon forget!

Song selections that you should begin to think about RIGHT NOW!

Kamron Khan Photography

Bridal Party Entrance!

This is the official start of the reception! Some couples choose to introduce their parents, the kids and the bridal party others keep it short and sweet with the bridal party adults. The energy should be high and the start to a great night! The music genre can vary depending on the couple! Pick your favorites and have a good time!

Dale McDonald Photography

First Dance!

I love for a couple to go right into their First Dance! The crowd is excited, the photographer and videographer are ready and the couple is already on the dance floor!

My favorite right now is "You and I" by John Legend.

My other favorite is "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran

JazzyMae Photography

Let's Eat Cake!

Actually, let's just cut the cake, get the pictures so that the caterer can grab it as soon as dinner is served! You need a song for this too, WE'RE HAVING A PARTY!

Favorite: "Cake" by Rihanna. Your DJ can mix this so that the chorus plays vs the entire song.

Favorite: "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You" by James Taylor.

Favorite: "I Can't Help Myself" by The Four Tops

Father Daughter Dance!

Once dinner and toasts are out of the way, the Father Daughter Dance is a great way to get back into the special events! I love for the dad to do the last toast and then invite his daughter to the floor for their dance.

Favorite, hands down favorite: "The Way You Look Tonight"by Frank Sinatra.

Dale McDonald Photography