Yes Way, Rose̒!!!

We have talked about Rose̒ wine in a previous post. However, this past Saturday we had the pleasure of celebrating National Rose̒ Day! Of course we did it in style and created a charcuterie board. Our featured wine for that day, which we highly recommend, was La Fete du Rose̒. The great thing about this wine is that both sweet and dry drinkers will enjoy it. This wine smells sweet to the nose and is a fruit forward wine that has a long finish with cherry aromas. The wine is best served chilled while you sit back and relax during these summer days or even for entertaining your closest friends and family.

If you are hosting, try curating a charcuterie board to wow your guest. It is easy to assemble. You will need the following items: 

  • A sturdy serving board/tray (preferably wood) 

  • An assortment of cheeses. We used brie, mild cheddar, and Colby jack 

  • Nuts 

  • Hard meats (Pepperoni, salami, prosciutto, etc.) 

  • Other meats (we used deli meat on our board) 

  • Fresh Fruits (grapes, strawberries, apples, etc.) 

  • Dry Fruits

  • Olives 

  • Jams (try picking a jam(s) that will compliment your cheeses) 

  • An assortment of crackers. 

Place your items on your board however you would like and it will be ready to serve to your guest. 

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