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Wine down Wednesday : Dancing Birds Wine

Updated: Mar 19

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away

We are quickly approaching the holidays and Thanksgiving kicks off the end of the year

wine glass, wine bottle, pumpkin, and wine sign

festivities. In the next week as we gather at the table to give thanks, why not add a bottle of apple wine to your table. You may be asking “why apple wine?”, well here are a few tidbits. The benefits of apple wine are that the natural ingredients improve blood flow to the brain and help strengthen your immune system. Yep you heard us, apple wine is great for your health! It’s one of the most beneficial wines.

What better way to boost your immune system with a cozy, refreshing glass of apple wine? Another good advantage is that apple wine tends to have less calories due to the natural apple fermented. This past weekend we tried a new flavor Spiced Apple Wine by Breitenbach Wine Cellars. We love this brand! This is one of their numerous flavors. The apple-based wine is semi-sweet with bursting tastes of delicious apple and cinnamon. It is the perfect bottle for the upcoming holidays and is a wonderful added touch to cap off Thanksgiving. This Ohio based wine can be found at your local grocery store and we recommend to slightly chill before serving. Cheers!

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