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Wine Terms

Updated: Mar 19

By: Dancing Birds Wine Tour

Each week we have talked to you about our top wine picks for the week and we described

wine glass in front of wine terms on wall

them by taste, finish, acidity, etc. But what does that all that really mean? Well, today Dancing Birds is going to break it down for you. It is important to understand the wine that you are drinking or that we have recommended. That way if you are not able to find your favorite wine, you can find something that is similar to it. So, let’s get into it!

Fruit Forward – This term is used for mostly sweet wines and some semi-dry wines. As soon

as you taste your wine, the first thing you notice on your tongue is the fruit. Whether its pear or berry, it will sure be sweet and fruity.

Dry – We use this term to describe a wine that has zero to about 1 gram of residual sugar.

Off-Dry – A term used to describe a wine that has 2-3 grams of residual sugar.

Sweet – This ranges from anywhere from 3-28 grams of residual sugar.

Residual Sugar – The natural grapes leftover after the alcoholic fermentation is complete.

Light bodied – Wines that are more refreshing and are delicate on your tongue like iced tea. This wine is usually lower in alcohol content and lower tannins.

Medium bodied – This applies to red wines that are in the middle of spectrums in regard to tannins. These are usually your food friendly red wines.

Full bodied – These wines fill your palate with intensity and high tannins. These wines are usually having alcohol levels about 13% or higher.

ABV – Alcohol by volume

Tannin – usually found in the grape skins, it adds bitterness and complexity to red wine.

Acidity – This refers to the fresh, tart, and sour attributes of the wine. We hope this will help you and if you have any questions or need recommendations, please feel free to

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