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What's in a Label?

Ever been to the store and reach for a bottle of wine and immediately didn’t recognize what kind of it was or where it’s came from? Outside from your big brand names (Sutter Home, Barefoot, Apothic Red, etc.) it may be hard to distinguish between some of these other wine smaller wine brands. So let us help you pick out the right wine just based off reading the wine label. 

Here are Five Basic Components to a wine label:

  1. The Name: The first thing that you will notice is the producer or name. This is the name of the person/winery that made the wine. 

  2. Region: The region tells us where the grapes are grown. If it is from a specific vineyard or site, it will be indicated on quotation marks on the wine label. 

  3. Variety: This is the most common thing that we look for in a wine. What type of grape is it? Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay, etc. this information tell us the kind of wine that we have selected. 

  4. Vintage or Non – Vintage: This refers to the year that the grapes were harvested or picked. You may noticed that different may slightly differ in taste. If the wine that you have selected doesn’t have a vintage/year on it; then that wine is considered a multi-vintage. This is often found in your lower value wines where the wine maker uses different vintages to control the taste of the wine. 

  5. Lastly, Alcohol by Volume (ABV): Don’t look at ABV as to how quickly it will get your feeling good. ABV indicates how rich the wine taste. A general rule of thumb higher quality wines tend to have a higher ABV. 

We want to see how you do on your next wine shopping trip. Let us know what you pick and the five components to the label. Be sure to tag us on your post on IG @DancingBirdsWT 

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