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Wine & Cheese are Ageless Companions

Updated: Mar 19

bottle and glass of wine with mini cheese plate

One of the most classic food and drink pairings is wine and cheese, this past Saturday we celebrated National Wine and Cheese Day. A celebration day of compiling delicious wine and cheese pairings. We chose to pair a deep red wine Shiraz with a pepper jack, soft gouda, and blue cheeses. This wine is lush in a ripe blackberry and fruit flavors with a meaty taste that compliments the soft creamy salty texture of cheese.

Shiraz is also known as Syrah. Shiraz and Syrah are from the same grape, but the difference in name is that Shiraz tends to come from more of a warmer climate. Shiraz can be bolder in flavor and deeper in tannins with more of a pepper and meaty taste.

Our featured wine is Two Oceans Shiraz This South African wine is a medium-bodied with rich and velvety ripe berry fruit flavors. It is high intensity of deep blueberry, vanilla and spice aroma is sure to be a red wine lover tasty hit.

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