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Vendor Spotlight: Jacqueline DelBrocco

Updated: Mar 20

If you are planning a wedding and wondering how to make it memorable, then look no further! Having a live painter will transform your big day into something truly unique. Live painting adds a new dimension to the photos you’ll cherish forever, and sets the tone for an intimate, personal experience that simply can't be replicated through still photography.

Jacqueline DelBrocco posing for photo

We recently got the opportunity to interview Cleveland's own live painter, Jacqueline DelBrocco, and we loved learning about her experience and insights into this industry! Jacqueline has shown in galleries, museums and various other venues throughout the Midwest and her paintings are in private collections across the country. Her experience in the local Cleveland art community has included everything from gallery direction to large scale multi-media event direction along with public art projects such as murals and outdoor sculpture painting. Continue reading below for her exclusive interview:

Tamara London Photography Covesa Kelly Events: What kind of services do you provide? Jacqueline DelBrocco: I am an artist with a specialty in live event/wedding painting! Over the last decade, I’ve built a business painting a variety of events live on site, during celebrations while they are happening. I start out with a blank canvas and as your celebration unfolds, the scene that I’m painting develops right before your eyes. It’s a wonderfully unique form of entertainment for guests as they watch the scene come to life over the course of an event and it’s been especially popular for weddings. Not only is it a unique way to wow your guests, but the end result is a completely one-of-a-kind work of art capturing the energy and memory of the couple’s big day - Something that can be cherished and passed down for generations.

wedding reception painting

CKE: What events can someone book you for? Jacqueline: Although most of my business these days consists of weddings, I paint other types of events too. I’ve painted everything from fundraising galas and corporate functions to a variety of private parties (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, etc.) CKE: How would you describe the style of your artwork? Jacqueline: Technically, my painting style can be described as Impressionism. For people who aren’t art history nerds, this basically means I paint with lots of visible brushstrokes and an emphasis on feeling, while still ensuring that individuals and other elements throughout the painting are easily recognized. It’s like realism in the fact that I depict a recognizable scene with identifiable people and things, but it’s more romanticized and full of emotion. I often mention Renoir as one of my greatest painting heroes. It’s nothing short of magic the way his paintings look so energetic and almost messy up close, but from far away, blend together into a perfectly orchestrated scene. Following in the footsteps of the Impressionist School, I love working with paint to try and achieve this same magical balance in my own artwork. It’s a way of painting that feels most natural to me and I believe it to be especially well-suited for capturing the dynamic energy of a celebration. My own personal flavor of Impressionism includes a lot of excited brushstrokes and paint splatters, particularly in the crowds. I try to paint not only what I see, but what I feel while I’m there, while I’m in it. CKE: Who is your ideal client? Jacqueline: My ideal client is anyone who appreciates art and wants their celebration captured in a unique and entertaining way. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to add to your event, a live painting is a great way to delight guests and make a lasting impression. Besides working with people who are planning their own wedding or event, I’m often commissioned to create live paintings as gifts. Again, this has been especially popular for weddings. Whether it's from the parents of the bride or groom, other family members or close friends, the gift of a live painting is sure to stand out as both thoughtful and memorable for any couple on their big day.

first dance live painting

CKE: For a wedding, which moment do you typically capture? Jacqueline: Often when I’m painting a wedding, I’ll get a request to specifically paint a particular moment. (First dance scenes are a big one for receptions. If I’m painting a ceremony, the kiss, or as the couple is walking back down the aisle are both quite popular too.) Perhaps a more accurate answer to this question is that each of my live painting scenes is actually made up of several little moments that add up to become a more complete picture of a whole celebration. The great thing about a painting is the artist has the ability to add and adjust things to create a more customized depiction. A flower girl twirling around just before the reception, a groom dipping his bride for a kiss on the dancefloor, several family members clinking champagne glasses after a speech, the cake located in a spot that makes the scene before it was cut, maybe even the couple’s dog or a deceased relative that wasn’t physically present but still an important piece to complete the memory of that special day…. All of these things can be included in the “moment” that is captured through a live wedding painting, even if they didn’t all happen in the exact same instant. It’s exciting to see what unexpected things catch my eye during an event and make their way into a painting and it’s a fun process to work with my clients to learn what’s most important to them so I can add those meaningful, customized elements to their painting as well. These specific, little details are what make every painting so incredibly unique and special.

CKE: Why do you recommend someone get a live painter? Jacqueline: In our digital world where constantly snapping photos with your phone has become second nature (believe me, I’m guilty of it too!), it’s so easy to be inundated with images and information. Live event painting is a timeless tradition that allows you to step back and really take it all in... to fully experience what’s happening around you in that moment. Photography is necessary and wonderful in its own rite, but a painting of your event, created on-site DURING the celebration – has a unique way of capturing the essence of what’s going on in a whole different way... and all right before your eyes!

CKE: How long does it take for your painting to be completed? Jacqueline: I currently offer two different types of live painting packages - Finish on Site and Studio Completion. For my Finish on Site paintings, it’s just what you would expect. The painting is completed and ready to take home by the end of the night. For my Studio Completion paintings, the timeline is significantly longer and varies depending on a few other factors (how long it takes to see the professional photos, how many customization requests are involved, etc.)

live painter painting a canvas

CKE: How far in advance should someone book your services? Jacqueline: For anyone interested in hiring a live event painter, I recommend reaching out as far ahead of time as possible. There aren’t a lot of artists out there who do this, and being a one person shop with limited availability, I tend to book up very quickly. (Lately, I’m booked for the year before January even rolls around!) CKE: What if the event has already passed? Can you create a painting from a photograph? Jacqueline: Absolutely! :) CKE: How can prospective clients connect with you? Jacqueline: You can find more information and samples of my work on my website and my most recent updates on Instagram or Facebook For inquiries or to see if your date is available, the best way to reach me is through the contact page on my website:


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