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Vendor Spotlight: House of B Jewels

Updated: Mar 19

House of B Jewels sign with girl posing in front of it

When it comes to looking your best at a special event, statement pieces are your best friend! This weeks vendor spotlight we got the opportunity to interview Brittany Leigh, CEO and founder of House of B Jewels. Her company is a jewelry boutique that specializes in high-quality, timeless pieces for all occasions. Brittany's journey began eight years ago and as her brand continues to expand; her mission remains the same-"to supply meaningful and timeless pieces for all ages, races and genders". Continue reading below for our exclusive interview:

Covesa Kelly Events: What does your business offer?

Brittany: Affordable luxury jewelry, personalized pieces, children's jewelry and custom jewelry

CKE: In one word how would you describe your collections?

Brittany: Quality

Gold Jewelry with B's on it

CKE: Who is your ideal client?

Brittany: Someone who understands the importance of jewelry and how it's needed to compliment the essence of our very being. My ideal client understands leaving the house with out earrings is a negative and requires jewelry as an essential.

CKE: Where do you get inspiration from?

Brittany: All over, I truly love simple statement pieces. Examples would be from nature, magazines(do people still look at those?) also art museums.

gold and silver rings

CKE: What is your most popular piece?

Brittany: "Lord and Savior" the piece that literally built my business from the ground up.

CKE: Can any of your pieces be personalized?

Brittany: Absolutely, that's my favorite part of my business!

We offer custom pendants, rings (I made my husbands wedding ring). Name plates, engraved jewelry, initials, and so much more!

CKE: Where do you see your business in five years?

Brittany: In big box stores and a billion dollar operation.

CKE: How can prospective clients connect with you?

Brittany: Everywhere!

Instagram: @housofbjewels @houseoflittleb_

In store :Glenvillage 1400 E105th ST Suite A Cleveland Ohio 44120

Phone: 234-738-0075


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