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Toast to the West Coast

Updated: Mar 18

Let us just say California knows how to party! This week we are talking about a red blend wine. What exactly is a red blend, it is when wine is made with a variety kind of grapes. This concept of blending allows wine producers to combine and compliment favorable qualities from several different grape varieties.

19 Crimes Cab Red Wine

So, if you are a red blend lover how do you choose? Well… let us suggest a new red blend on the market it is by 19 Crimes Cali Red Snoop Dogg Edition.  This red blend is sure to take your taste buds on by surprise, we find this blend medium-bodied with cherry tasting notes.  The low acidity gives this wine a smooth finish but be careful with it’s 14.1% ABV (Alcohol by Volume) your one glass could be your only one. 

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