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To decant or not to decant?? That is the question!

Updated: Mar 18

Each week we have been discussing with you our fav. wine picks. However, to truly enjoy


and get the optimal taste out of your wine, you may want to consider decanting your wine. When it comes to decanting your wine, you may wonder if it is absolutely necessary or not, but we are here to help. What is decanting? Decanting is the process of pouring a bottle of wine into a vessel known as a decanter and allowing the wine the oxygenate to improve its overall taste, making the wine taste fruiter and smoother. Not all wines need to be decanted. The best wines that will benefit from it are your red wines; especially your medium-bodied to full-bodied red wines. How long should I decant my wine? You will want to decant your wines anywhere from 30 mins up to 2 hours. I know that is a long time, but it may be worth the wait. You will begin to the taste the true flavors of your wine.

wine filter nozzle

Now while decanters are visually pretty to look at, if you are pressed for time, ready to enjoy your wine now and do not plan to finish the whole bottle, you may want to look into getting an aerator.

An aerator allows that oxygenation process to happen almost instantly through its small nozzle that fits right

in your wine bottle. Try this, pour a glass of wine that has not been decanted or aerated and pour a glass that has been, you will instantly be able to tell the

difference between the two.

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