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Tis (Almost) the Season: Holiday Glam Made Easy

Updated: Mar 18

by Kellli Williams

woman with fresh makeup

Hello, beauties! So, I’m an Ohio girl. (Technically, I was born in California but I’ve lived here long enough to boast my Midwesterness.) If you are from the Midwest, you know that it isn’t too long after we begin drinking pumpkin spice lattes and cozy cardigans that we are sipping eggnog and wearing winter coats. True to fashion, as I sit here the day after Halloween, there is snow falling outside! That’s right - November 1st. Snow. My kids went crazy and started talking about Christmas! And I have to admit, I got excited for the holidays too because well… Holiday glam, duh! The holiday season may be my favorite time of year to wear makeup. Ahh yes, there are glittering golds and shimmering silvers and you can literally rock a red lipstick everyday without looking like you did too much. At a time when everything around us is lit up beautifully, ‘tis only right that we do the same with our makeup looks. Many makeup brands have ben gearing up for the holiday season all year and will soon be releasing their holiday collections. (This usually happens before Black Friday, so get ready!) And just because we are being a little more glamorous, it doesn’t mean makeup application has to be complicated. A couple small steps can take your look from your daytime work look to Christmas cocktail party in no time. Incorporating gold or silver glitter to your eyeshadow look is the perfect way to add a touch of sparkle to give you that holiday feeling. Not sure which to use? Entirely up to you. I like my shadow to complement my accessories. So if I’m wearing gold, I stick with that for my eyes. To accompany silver accessories, I opt for silver. Break out the red lipstick! You’ll look great in photos amidst the Christmas stockings and poinsettias. There are many shades of red and certainly one to complement every complexion. And don’t get me started with a red lip against the backdrop of a white snowfall! Use the holidays as a reason to be a little more jazzy. If you don’t normally wear eyeliner, give it a shot! Black liner can add a subtle touch of drama and is perfect for a night out. But it doesn’t stop at black - eyeliner comes in all colors. Try a metallic shade, like silver, on just the inner corner of your eye. You’ll be surprised at how this quick technique can give you an ultra glamorous look. I’m SO looking forward to a reason to get extra glammed up! This year cheated us out of most of our normal social activities, but I hope that you all will be able to celebrate safely, with your closest loved ones and look beautiful doing it. Don’t forget to share your makeup photos with me! And let me be the first (I’m sure) to wish you Happy Holidays. Xo, Kelli Kelli Williams is a freelance makeup artist in the Cleveland, Ohio area specializing in bridal and editorial makeup. For more makeup advice and tips, connect with a Kelli on Instagram @kissnmakeupxo.


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