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10 Questions You Need to Ask Your a Makeup Artist Before Booking

By Kelli Williams

Hello, beauties! Have you ever visited your physician’s office and before you knew it, you’re in your car remembering all the questions you meant to ask the doctor? This used to happen to me every time until I got smart and started planning a little better. When the doctor starts talking it’s easy to forget to ask about the frequent ache in your left elbow or the nagging pain in your knee. Or that little bump you noticed on your neck. I learned that by writing down my questions ahead of time, my time with the doctor was more productive and I left with confidence and peace of mind.

For the same reason, it can be extremely helpful to prepare a list of questions before speaking to or meeting with an artist you are considering booking for your wedding day. The goal when exploring your options is to find someone who understands your vision, can see your vision through and whose services match all your wedding day needs. By affirming these things, you will eliminate concerns and be able to better focus on other aspects of your wedding day.

And guess what? There are no stupid questions! As makeup artists we want you to tell us exactly what you want so we can prepare properly and deliver! An unasked question may lead to disappointment if you and your artist aren’t on the same page.

Here are ten questions to get the conversation rolling:

  1. What is the cost for wedding day makeup? Be sure to ask if there is a deposit required ,what forms of payment are acceptable and what the deadline is to pay in order to secure your wedding date.

  2. Show a picture or describe your desired look and ask: Are you able to recreate a similar look? You’re not only asking if the artist is capable, but if she or he offers the look in her services. You will find that many artists have a niche . One artist may specialize in dramatic looks with glitter, cut creases and highlighter while some artists provide makeup that looks softer and more natural. Asking one to perform the other is sometimes a recipe for disaster for all involved.

  3. Can you travel to the venue to do my makeup or do I come to you? Freelance artists usually travel to brides and bridal parties; however, some artists prefer to have your group travel to a studio or salon.

  4. Do you stick around for touch up services? Many artists offer touch up services for an additional fee. This usually requires them to stay on site for 2 or more hours and sometimes even traveling to a separate location for photos or the reception.

  1. What is the largest bridal party you can accommodate? Because makeup can take anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour per person, a 8- to 12-person bridal party means a very early call time. Sometimes, an artist can bring an assistant or a second artist to cut that time in half.

  2. What kind of look will you do on my bridesmaids? Some artists prefer to do one makeup look for all the brides makes everything cohesive. As the bride, you may want to set the tone for how you want your bridesmaids to look. Talk with the artist about this to avoid issues with that one friend who likes to overdo her makeup!

  3. Do I need to have my brows (or any other area of my face) waxed prior to service? While makeup artists can shape your brows using products like pencils, pomades and powders, they don’t always bring the equipment to wax or thread. Ask in advance so you don’t run into unmet expectations.

  4. What can I do in the months leading up to the wedding so my skin is best prepared for makeup? Healthy skin leads to great looking making! Ask for some skin care recommendations or tips.

  5. Will you provide an itinerary or work with my wedding planner to create one? Great wedding planners (ahem, such as Covesa Kelly Events) are amazing at organizing an itinerary for the wedding day. They even send it to all the vendors. Other planners may not go this extra mile, so be sure to work out the details in advance with your artist.

  6. Do you cater to brides/clients with allergies to specific ingredients or brides who only use vegan products? This is something you want to know in advance. The artist may say they don’t have the brands meet your needs or talking about it during the consultation gives them time to fill their kit with the proper products. Either way, asking upfront will prevent any hiccups at the time of service.

There you have it. I hope this helps and gives you a good starting point. Print this blog and jot down any other questions you have. Your makeup artist will be happy to have such a proactive bride and you will be relieved that there is no uncertainty in the beauty department.



Kelli Williams is a freelance makeup artist in the Cleveland, Ohio area specializing in bridal and editorial makeup. For more makeup advice and tips, connect with a Kelli on Instagram @kissnmakeupxo.

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