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"The Man Right Chea"

Updated: Mar 18

Hey Ya'll! I'm so excited to introduce you to an amazing Chef that I had the opportunity to meet a few years ago! I was literally blown away by his talent, experiences and on top of it all he was SO NICE! I am ecstatic to introduce you to Chef Stephen C. Baity, Exec Chef & Master Sculptor| Food Network Challenge Winner| Multi ACF Medalist & 3x Chef of the Year| Olympic Culinarian as an addition to our blog, The CKE Files!

man holding knife between hands and in front of face

Faith, family, and food. Simply put is my life. As seen on Food Network, winner of 2015 Holiday Cake Wars and 2017 Halloween Wars Hayride of Horror. Competitions play a vital role in putting my skills and knowledge to the test. I have accepted this challenge by receiving best in show, gold, silver, and bronze medals thru the American Culinary Federation. Although I have made my name in the arena of fruit and vegetable sculpting. My first love is being a chef! I enjoy taking my thoughts and putting them in a dish then seeing the reaction of my clients. I take pleasure in making common food items a work of art. When I am not am not involved in the competitive culinary circuit or pursuing television. I enjoy teaching classes and executing hands on workshops. Empowering other culinarians to elevate their culinary expression through sculpting fruits and vegetables. My passion of culinary arts has created a platform to share my journey with others. Its always an honor for me to speak about how food service changed my life. Whether its been in a small group setting or at a national convention I am grateful to tell others my story. Its a privilege when an opportunity arises for me to partner with other companies and brands to represent their products through marketing partnerships. Whether its through demos, food trade shows, or product endorshements

Looking for a quick, easy and healthy side dish for lunch or dinner? Watch Chef Steve's Cauliflower Kitchen Sink demo below!

Stephan C. Baity



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