Pop your decor with a Pop of color!

Are you looking for a budget friendly way of enhancing your wedding decor? The help you are looking for is just the right color choice away! Go for bold and bring colors to help pop your wedding decor look right up!

We talked last week about all the amazing colors to add to your next event! Let's recap from our Live Session on InstaGram!

Favorite Colors to use at events:

Black - most colors look great on black! Black is affordable and can be layered and textured up to create an overall amazing look! You can get fancy and over budget but you can also keep it chic and pocketbook friendly. Black is also a great alternate color to use at events that are not wedding related so that the decor isn't mistaken for wedding decor.

Black & White - we love it, we love it, we love it! Black and White is fabulous on it's own when properly executed but also plays well with the metallics (gold & silver). Don't feel pressure to do alternating patterns, it doesn't always work. Use the colors together and separately and try to remember to look at the "room canvas" in its entirely vs. focusing on tables individually to accomplish a great look!

Yellow has been popular since Beyonce's "Lemonade" album drop in 2016!

Yellow is showing up in everything, as she should! Yellow is beautiful, subtle and bold! Yellow plays well with most colors and can be used as the starring actress or the extra. Yellow is making appearances in Weddings, Brunches, Giveaways, Gift Bags, Soirées and Showers!


Be cautious using Reds! Red