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National Mead Day!

Updated: Mar 18

Today we are going to talk about a different type of wine…MEAD. Mead is not your traditional wine as this wine is made completely out of fermented honey and not grapes. Just because mead is made of honey does not mean that it will be sweet. In fact, the sweetness of the mead is determined during the fermentation process, where yeast turns sugar into alcohol. 

This past Saturday, August 1st, was National Mead Day! Our friends over at

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Western Reserve Meadery has some of the best meads in Cleveland. Our personal favorite is the Oaked Wildflower Honey. This mead is hand crafted using local wildflower honey. It is a rich and sweet mead with honey and butterscotch flavors. Since it is aged in a French Oak there is also subtle flavors of leather and spice. This mead packs a powerful punch with a 16.5% ABV (alcohol by volume).  

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