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Love like WINE gets better with time…. It’s Date Night at home!

Updated: Mar 18

Spending the evening at home can be a splendid idea! You can turn a night at home extra special…. this past week we had the chance to do a wine and food pairing with our significant others. It was the perfect date night as we cooked up a delicious “Pan Seared Scallop with Cilantro Beurre Blanc” paired with Sauvignon Blanc.  All our dry wine drinkers this is for you!

The tasting notes in Sauvignon Blanc can be a zesty lime, green apple, and a touch of white peach.  This wine is incredibly unique in taste than most white wines because of its “Wild White Grape” taste.  Sauvignon Blanc is an excellent wine to pair with scallops, the seared scallop enhances the sweetness of the wine and makes a fiery match.  Our suggestion is to serve the wine chilled.  Cheers to a fantastic evening!

bottle and glass of wine with flowers and a dinner plate

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