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Let's Toast

Summer, the Celebration Continues!

As we come off the July 4 th holiday weekend we are continuing to toast to summer!

Sunny days seem to go on forever and evenings stay lit well into the night. A refreshing glass of wine just makes so much more sense this time of the year.

Champagne is often thought of as a celebration drink, but you can have this sparkling glass with just a simple meal or dessert. Champagne comes from the Champagne region of France about 80 miles outside of Paris and is very intense to produce, thus making it the luxury of wines.

Our feature wine shown is Valley Vineyards Champagne, this crisp, refreshing, medium acidity with primary favors of citrus, peach and white cherry is just right on a hot summer night. We love a chilled wine and this one we highly recommend doing so.

The taste of Champagne enhances by the shape of the glass, the wider the glass bowl the more aromas the wine collects. The glass shown is a Wide Tulip, the perfect glass to bring out the intense sparkling taste. This wine pairs well with fruity deserts and pastries, so glasses up and Cheers!

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