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Let’s take a trip to Argentina

Updated: Mar 15

By: Dancing Birds

Argentina is located mostly on the southern half of South America, sharing the

glass and bottle of wine

bulk of its cone with Chile. Argentina is known for their delicious wine called Malbec, which is rich and opulent and is quite distinctive. 

What is so fascinating is that Malbec originated from France, but Argentina now leads the production of the grape over 75% of Malbec in the world.  We fell in love with Malbec wine as we love the rich deep bold plum and full -bodied taste it is one of Dancing Birds favorite wine! 

If you’re looking for a Sunday dinner wine this will for sure will compliment your dish.  Malbec bold flavor dry wine pairs well with a variety of dishes, but with a shorter finish than other red wines.

This past weekend we tried an Argentina UNO 2017 Malbec. This one of kind Malbec rich deep tannin had tasting notes of luscious red and blackberry fruit and a slight oaky vanilla finish.  We used a wine aerator pourer; this instantly oxygenates the wine which improves the flavor and texture of the wine. This Malbec was fantastic!

We suggest drinking this wine at room temperature at about 65 degrees. If your looking for another red wine, give this one a try you will not be disappointed. Cheers!

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