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Let's "FALL" into Wine

Updated: Mar 15

Fall is here! It is time for changing leave colors, bon fires, pumpkins and apple picking…but nothing is cozier than a glass of wine. Not just any wine how about the second most popular red grape in America (after Cabernet Sauvignon). It is the delicious deep rich taste of Merlot which in French means “The Little Blackbird”.

Merlot is a perfect wine for lunch or a dinner table, it’s soft rich texture works well with a diverse and array of foods. This wine is often recommended as the first red wine someone new to red wine should drink. Our wine pick of the week is a Hungarian wine called "Balatonboglari Merlot" its deep ruby red color is barrel-aged, semi-sweet and boasts a smooth body of lingering plum and blueberry and is very easy to drink. Although Merlot is considered a dry wine this wine sits right in the middle of the road with a smooth finish. We have paired our glass with a decadent chocolate brownie, the plum and blueberry just takes it to another level. The softer tannins create a silky feel in your mouth. We recommend the serving temperature between 55-65 degrees. Cheers!

Mini fire with wine and dessert

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