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Ice Ice Baby

Updated: Mar 15

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Let the official holiday season begin! Time for cozy sweaters, twinkling lights, glowing fires, and a nice glass of wine. As you know we like to talk about different wines for each season, for the next month we will introduce some wines for you to try this holiday season along with some special wine recipes.

So, let us kick off the month with a winter wine called Ice Wine. There is nothing that says winter without mentioning Ice Wine. Ice Wine is a dessert wine and is made in extremely cold climates from grapes which are frozen on the vine. The grape for this wine remains on the vine way past harvest until the temperature dips below freezing. The grape must freeze so the sugar can concentrate. The grape then gets harvested while still frozen. The process is a slow extraction to get the sweetness of the grape. Both red and white grapes are used for Ice Wine.

Most notable Ice Wines are made in Canada, Finger Lakes New York, and Michigan. One of our favorites we like to introduce is Apple Ice Wine by Magnotta. This Ontario, Canada based wine has aromas of Golden Delicious and McIntosh apples made from a white grape with nutmeg and allspice finish. Try it this holiday season or any Ice Wine with salty nuts, blue cheeses before dinner or with a fine apple dessert. This is an extremely sweet wine, so we recommend serving in a small dessert wine glass and to serve it chilled at least 55 degrees. Cheers!

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