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Hire A Planner

Updated: Mar 15

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Just do it already! It's worth the investment! Even if you don't hire the team at Covesa Kelly Events (eye roll), you should hire a professional planner! For the blog post today I'm speaking on any type of event! If you are looking for something nice and memorable - hire a planner! Let me give you a few good reasons why!

ONE! You don't know what you don't know! You don't know the many options available to you! So often I hear people say "oh my cousin used that place, so I'm going to use that place." It may have worked out for them, but is it the best for you and your event? That photographer may have been the best for their budget and gave them good pictures, but for a little more maybe you can have AMAZING pictures!

huge, colorful floral bouquet on table
This is a garage! The garage has been transformed into a Hawaiian Themed Party for the Brides in the City Tour produced by Covesa Kelly Events! This would be a great idea for someone looking to celebrate with an intimate group in a big way! Photographer: Kamron Khan | Venue: Spaces & Co. | Designer: Joi Adamson

TWO! You don't know what it costs! You think you know, but you really do not! What you know is what you want to spend and what people SAY they spent (side note: people lie), but you really don't know! A quality event with 100 people will easily START at $10,000. Can you do it for less - of course, but you will cut several corners.

I see lots of events and the budgets vary! This is an average of what things costs in the Cleveland market:

Room Rental - $1000+

Catering - $2000+ (Catering at Chipotle starts around $12 per person and that's before you add in non-alcoholic drinks, appetizers, desserts, servers, gratuity, tax etc.)

Alcohol - $1000+ (Mixes, soda, cups, fruits, etc)

Invitations - $300+

Photography - $500+

Videography - $750+

Entertainment (DJ / Band) - $600+

Dessert - $500+ (Cake, Dessert Tables, Candy Tables etc.)

Decorations - $2000+(Table linens, chairs, chair covers, centerpieces, balloons, lighting, etc.)

Fun - $500+ (Photobooths, Party Trucks, Face Painting, Dancing Characters, Food Trucks, Hookahs, Cigar Rolling, Etc.)

Planner - $1000+ just make the investment

Event setup with tables, balloons, and disco balls
This was a 50th Birthday Party! Concerns were that we couldn't access the facility until 4pm for a party starting at 6pm. We made it happen! Picture: Stephen Midget. Location: Lakefront Community Center. Design & Planning: Covesa Kelly Events

group of people in colorful outfits by body of water
This was an 80th birthday with all of the customs and trimmings! This was a three day event for the birthday boy who came in from California to celebrate with his family and friends from all over the globe! Photographer: New Image Photography. Venue: Geneva on the Lake. Planner & Designer: Covesa Kelly Events

THREE! You don't know how much work goes into a well planned event! Things just don't happen, successful events aren't just the luck of the draw! If you have ever been fortunate enough to attend a well planned event you know that it's a great experience. Compare that experience to a poorly planned event. The differences don't always stem from money either. Well planned events feel planned, the details have been thought out, the logistics have been thought out because the host most likely made the investment in a professional. The professional planner knew what to do, who to hire and how to make it work. If the cocktail hour is longer than one hour, there is entertainment, there is additional food, there is something to let guests know that "we thought about you." If the kitchen is running behind with dinner, there is a plan for the DJ to entertain you with a dancing music set so that you aren't just sitting, waiting and wondering what is going on! If there are hundreds of guests, but no lines at the bar, someone considered that having additional bars and bartenders was a good idea to eliminate unnecessary waiting time!If you're a vegetarian and the server shows up with a vegetarian meal for you, someone make that consideration just for you! These things take thought, consideration, understanding and someone who can pull it together for your event.

Just hire the planner! Make the investment. If you make a good choice I have no doubt that your event results will make you happy in the decision to hire that planner! Looking for a great planning team? CLICK HERE.

girls in top hats posing for photo
Photographer: Natasha Herbert. The Planning Team at Covesa Kelly Events!



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