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Updated: Mar 13

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Photo by: Stephen Midgett

Let me just say that the last 10 months have been an EXHAUSTING learning experience for everyone on so many completely different levels. I have learned so much about myself and I have had to learn so much more about my business and industry. One topic that I had to do some research on is how Wedding Insurance impacts my clients and the weddings that we produce. I was able to tap Insurance Agent, Diauntae Morrow from The Morrow Group & Co. to help explain how event insurance works. Check out his explanation below.

Wedding Insurance is to help reduce your concerns and protect your financial investment in the event of a “what if” situation.  

What is a “what if” situation:

 - Weather is bad (rain or snow storm)

 - Power outage

 - Wedding gifts are stolen

 - unexpected illness 

 - Venue goes bankrupt and keeps the deposit

 - Someone gets “cold feet” or has a “change of heart”

Wedding Insurance covers two kinds of loss:  liability and cancellations/postponements.

Liability covers personal damage and property if some happens during the wedding and reception.  Most reception halls and wedding venues are requiring liability as part of the contract agreement.

Cancellation and Postponements are additional options that would cover a change in wedding date for an unforeseen circumstance.

What does wedding insurance cover?

*Please note, not all policies provide the same coverages. Here are some of the conditions that might be covered.

  • Weather: hurricanes, snow storms, rain storm

  • Illness: a member of the bridal party or close family member.

  • Gifts:  theft or breakage of non cash gift. 

  • Wedding attire: dresses or suits will not arrive in time.

  • Military duty: bride or groom called for active duty. 

  • Photos: photos from the occasion were lost or damaged  

For any questions or wedding insurance quotes please contact:

The Morrow Group & Co

15444 St.Clair Ave.

Cleveland, OH.

(216) 618-1224

The Morrow Group & Co is an licensed Insurance Brokerage to provide Auto, Home, Business, Event and Life Insurance in multiple states. 

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Danielle Owen
Danielle Owen
Sep 23, 2022

Great blog I enjoyeed reading

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