Dessert Deconstructed

Dale McDonald Photography

The cake is literally my favorite part of the reception, I'm anxiously waiting for a slice the entire night! To my surprise, the guests are waiting too. If guests have been drinking they may not want to indulge with cake right after dinner, but they definitely are looking for a slice (or two) to go!

So what's all the fuss about the cake for? 

The cake is used for the cutting ceremony! According to the American Bridal Consultants, the cake symbolizes the first food the couple shares.

When should the cake be cut? 

There are several times when the cake can be cut and there isn't necessarily a wrong time.

- Before dinner after the couple have their first dance

- After dinner, just before dessert or

- Shortly before the couple leaves the reception

My preference is to cut the cake upfront after the couple enters the reception, typically after the first dance! Most guests have arrived to the reception by that time, photographers and videographers are still on the clock, clothing and makeup are still in tact and once the caterer is done serving dinner they can begin to slice the cake for dessert distribution. I find that cutting the cake earlier in the evening is the very best use of time.

Waiting until after dinner, your guests have begun to wander around, some guests have left and now there will be a delay in serving the cake because it will take time for the caterer to slice and plate it.