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Cooking & Wine Pairing

By: Dancing Birds Wine Tours

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting a cooking and wine pairing class with our friend Chef Kev. We made a Spinach and Ricotta Gnudi with a Tomato Basil Pomodoro sauce and paired it with a Sangiovese (pronounced: san-jo-vay-say) wine from the Tuscany region of Italy. This grape is Italy’s most planted grape. The medium bodied red wine boast of flavors dark cherries and tobacco and usually ages for 5-7 years in an oak barrel. This wine has an underlying sweetness and long finish. This high acidic wine pairs wonderfully with the acidity that is in this tomato-based pasta dish which in turns brings out the fruitiness of the wine. The high tannins in this medium body wine will also pair well with roasted meats and hard cheeses. 

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