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Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue: 12 Essential Factors to Keep in Mind

Updated: Mar 13

By: Victoria Riddler

From choosing the perfect wedding attire to writing your vows, you want everything to be just right on your wedding day. Searching for a venue that matches all your requirements can be tough, so we are here to help you.


Here is a list of 12 most important factors that you should keep in mind while selecting the venue for your wedding. Let’s check it out.

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue?

1.   Search and Research at the Earliest


If you want a dream wedding of your choice, it’s important to choose a venue that meets your needs and wants. If your preference for a dream wedding looks like having one in a vineyard or an exotic destination, you should begin your wedding venue search as early as possible.


2.   Set the Location


Your venue is going to set the tone of your wedding day. Make sure that you choose a location that is easy to travel to and from. Especially for a destination wedding, set everything in stone beforehand.


3.   Get a Thematic Venue

Choose a venue that matches your wedding theme. You must have decided on the theme of your wedding day before selecting a venue. Whether it's a beautiful off-beat vineyard wedding with free-flowing wine, or a gorgeous beach wedding overlooking the sea, your venue should represent your personal preference.

4.   Venue Services Inquiry


If you want your wedding venue to come equipped with services like accommodation, amenities, decoration, or anything else, inquire and choose the right venue based on this information.


5.   Check the Reviews


For the love of God! Don’t waste your time inquiring about places that have a bad rating or reviews online. Save your time and energy by focusing on 4 star or above venues exclusively.


6.   Earmark the Money


Keep track of everything that you will need to spend on. By making a budget and following it closely, you will stay tension free and at ease about any unexpected expenses that may occur.


7.   Easy Transport Facilities


If your venue isn’t easily accessible, it’s going to cause problems for you and your guests. Choose a public transport friendly place with ample space for parking, and additionally, a valet.


8.   Make hay while the sun shines


You don’t want your wedding plans to be ruined by unexpected rain or storms. If you’re planning a thematic wedding, make sure you plan it in the seasons and months that are advantageous for you.


9.   Guest List is Important


Deciding who is going to be a part of your celebration is important. Not only will a list save you from accidentally missing out on someone, but will also help you allocate the seats to everyone who RSVPs.


10. Stock Supplies


Get your vendors and catering service arrangements in order early to avoid any last minute surprises. Get those decorations and catering services ready early on. If they are provided by your venue, great. If not, arrange these services to your selected venue as soon as you book the place.


11. Flexible Arrangements


Choose a venue that is flexible in terms of letting you choose your own services and vendors.


12. Be Flexible with the Date


If you find your dream venue, but it’s booked for your chosen date or you haven’t chosen a date yet, then be flexible. Keep a week at hand during which you’re willing to get married to avoid missing out on a beautiful venue.


Get the most out of your venue selection experience with these tips. We hope you find your perfect Wedding venue soon.

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