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Bliss on Budget

Updated: Mar 13

You might have seen the viral video circulating all over Instagram or Tiktok about the couple who only spent $500 for their wedding. Yes, you read that right, this couple somehow managed to ONLY spend $500. According to The Knot, the average wedding in the U.S. costs nearly $30,000. With this in mind, many were left confused as to how this couple was able to only spend $500 on their big day.

In an interview with Good Morning America, newlyweds, Kiara and Joel Brokenbrough explained in detail how they made this all possible. The couple admits that they wouldn't have had been able to make this possible without gifts from family and friends. These gifts ranged from an aisle runner, floral arrangements, and even their wedding cake. During the reception, wedding guests also supported this effort by paying for their own food and drink.

Kiara was very transparent throughout the process of their wedding planning journey and she left the internet shook when she confessed they only spent $147 on their attire combined. She found her dress on the digital fast fashion retailer Shein's website for only $47. Joel reportedly only spent $100 from Boohoo online. Their biggest expense was an arch for their background that cost them no more than $200.

What about their venue? There's no secret that venue fees are oftentimes the most expensive fee effecting wedding budgets. The LA couple managed to save even more money by finding a free location right of one of the states freeways. Because their guest count was under 75 people, they didn't have to purchase a public permit.

On Instagram Kiara acknowledged, " I wasn’t going into debt or prolonging this day to save up to pay for strangers/people who know nothing about our relationship to dine & drink on our dime. We weren’t tryna impress anybody but honor God. & I believe this is what the origin of what a wedding ceremony is—you, your partner, witnesses & God".

So what do you think? Comment below if you think you could pull off a $500 wedding and how you feel about guests paying for their own food and drink.

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