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Artist Spotlight: City Six Strings

Updated: Mar 20

Having live music at your wedding or special event is the perfect way to add a touch of sophistication and grace. Guests will be impressed as the sound of music serenades them, and you'll get to experience a timeless selection specifically curated just for you. When it comes to classical entertainment, we want to spotlight one company in particular for their reputable poise and professionalism.

City Six Strings is a group of classically-trained string musicians specializing in curated playlists for weddings, parties, and corporate events. From pop to rock to Bach, they bring international performance experience and professional versatility to elevate any event. Check out our interview with City Six Strings Co-Founder McKinley below:

City Six Strings musicians holding instruments

CKE: What services do you provide?

City Six Strings: Live string ensembles (duo, trio, quartet, chamber orchestra) with customizable playlists CKE: What style of music do you play?

CSS: Though we are classically trained, we play in all genres from pop to rock to country. During the wedding season, we find ourselves playing much more Bridgerton than Beethoven, which is a refreshing change from our orchestral jobs during the year! The only genre that we tell couples to avoid is rap, since it’s a little difficult to replicate on the violin or cello.

CKE: What events can clients book you for?

CSS: Everything! Though we perform for weddings most frequently, we also do cocktail hours, receptions, fundraisers, galas, dinners, proposals, birthday parties, and more. We’ve even recorded a track with a metal band — our clients come from everywhere, which makes this job so much fun. CKE: How do you prepare for events?

CSS: To prepare for individual events, we send clients a questionnaire about their music choices and other logistics such as processional entrances. Once we have the music, the information, and a chat with the wedding coordinator, our decades of training make it easy to just sit down and make music. CKE: Can clients request a song? Or do they choose from a predetermined list?

CSS: We have a large repertoire list (found here) and are always happy to expand it. Clients can request songs for processional thru recessional and we’ll make a custom arrangement free of charge. Pachelbel’s famous Canon in D isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, and we respect that! We accommodate 99% of requests, even if they’re sent to us as YouTube videos with 200 views (we love a challenge). CKE: Do you have a favorite venue to perform in and why?

CSS: We’re spoiled in Northeast Ohio with so many lovely venues. From the industrial glam of BLDG 17 and Gordon Green to lush vineyards like Gervasi and ThornCreek to Cleveland classics like the Arcade and Severance Hall… we can’t choose! CKE: How far in advance should someone book your services?

CSS: As soon as possible! We’re currently booking 1-2 years in advance, so it’s never too soon to get a conversation going with us

2 of City Six Musicians holding instruments

CKE: Why do you think live music is important to add to events?

CSS: It certainly makes an impression, for one. There is also something incredibly compelling about the interplay between musicians and the audience that recorded music cannot capture. We of course hit all the right notes, but we can also swell when everyone rises for the bride’s entrance, or switch around our setlist during cocktail hour for a flower girl who has stopped by to dance to Disney songs. Connecting with clients and their families on these deeply personal soundtracks adds a whole new layer of meaning to our performance, and to the event. Finally, they say music decorates time the same way art decorates space. It is an honor and a privilege for us to enhance clients’ time with our art, even if in the end all we leave behind are memories and moments. Natalie Kendrick @kendrickatdawn

Founded only two years ago, City Six Strings is growing as one of the most notable live string ensembles in Cleveland and surrounding areas. You can connect with them by visiting their website and following their social media handles below:


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