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A Tasty Autumn Wine

Updated: Mar 13

Crisp air, cozy fabrics, colorful trees autumn is in full effect. The seasons change but wine never goes out of season. There is no rule that says you cannot stick with your favorite wine all season. But since you change your wardrobe for fall why not swap out your go to wine also? As we settle into fall, pairing your wine with hearty soups and spicy dishes is a different taste than your wine by the poolside on a hot summer day.

Here is a wine we are falling for this autumn, one of our favorite fall wines is

Dancing Birds red wine, a glass, and a white and orange pumpkin

Caramel Apple by a local winery Emerine Estates located in Jefferson, OH. This wine has the refreshing tasting notes of crisp juicy apple, rich blackberry and plum and a smooth creamy caramel finish. This is a great dessert wine to sip on its own or pair with a cheese and cracker plate. A great wine for those cozy lazy days or a night by the fireplace but try to take it slow this wine has a 13.4 ABV (Alcohol by Volume). We suggest serving chilled at 45 degrees.

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