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4 Reasons why you should consider Onsite Childcare at your event

Updated: Mar 13

Mobile Mommies LLC  was established in 2010 in response to the increasing demand for onsite childcare at events.

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Mobile Mommies LLC is a minority-owned, woman-owned, small business providing both onsite childcare service and consultation services in Central Ohio. We believe that nonprofit organizations, companies, families and all of our clients can benefit from our quality, professional, onsite childcare expertise. 

Mobile Mommies LLC aims to:

#1 -provide expert advice on how to achieve a kid-friendly environment for your company, wedding, reception or special event. We offer site visits to your location and help you assess your childcare needs and adaptations that can be made to support the success of your event. We bring the expertise to you!

#2- Mobile Mommies LLC believes our professional childcare expertise puts us in a position to assist parents, event planners, facility coordinators, program executives and student-oriented organizations with the tools you need to offer temporary onsite childcare at your location. We've been in business for 6 years and we've learned a lot along the way. Learn from our experiences.

#3-We will meet with you for a scheduled consultation to discuss your options and find the best alternative to meet your needs. Safety and liability are key concerns that will be addressed. By meeting and talking with a professional childcare expert, you will gain valuable insight into how to coordinate efforts at your location to deploy onsite childcare. Some event venues allow their employees to provide childcare during events. This is not a wise practice and can open up the venue to a potential lawsuit regarding inappropriate services. 

#4-Mobile Mommies LLC also aims to educate the general public about the benefits and added safety feature of professional onsite childcare service and the role temporary childcare providers play in the success of events and the care of children in our community. Contact us today to discuss your childcare needs.

For more information on Mobile Mommies LLC Onsite Childcare Consultation services, please contact Founder/CEO, Janel Northington at or  

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