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Wine Down Wednesday

So... I did a thing about one year ago! I signed up for a wine club - sounds extra doesn't it? But it's really not! I have learned so much about wine, pairing wine, what I love, what I should recommend to other non-wine drinkers (they really still exist) and what are good selections for events (like weddings - *smile*)!

When "Thee Amazingness" AKA "Cooper's Hawk" opened its doors in Cleveland, EYYYYYE.WAS.HOOKED! This really is not a commercial for them but I really have had an amazing experience with them - I'll have to dig out some pictures lol!

I'm totally into Reds more than White Wines but the wine of the month for May is pretty fantastic (even tho it's not red) so I want to share - sharing is caring...right?

Take a peek at the video introducing you to May's Wine of the Month which is a Sauvignon Blanc (white, mild, not too dry but definitely not so so sweet)!

Drop a comment about what you think!

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