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Who said Rose?

Updated: Mar 19

You had me at Rose̒!

With Mother’s Day just passing, you know we at Dancing Birds was all about the Rose̒ wine. The beautiful pink wine gets its color when the skins of the grapes touch the wine for a short amount of time. Rose̒ comes in many different shades – varying from light pink to a dark almost red color. The color of these wine is left up the wine maker and they remove the grape skins when they feel they have achieved the perfect color.

bottle and glass of rose

Rose̒ is a wine that can be had by itself or it can be paired with a delicious meal. Often, this wine is the perfect accompaniment with vegan and vegetarian dishes. The scents that you may smell most often in Rose̒ are strawberries, honeydew, rose petal, citrus, and rhubarb.

This wine can range from sweet to dry depending on the grape varietal that used to make the wine as well as residual sugars that may be added.This past Saturday, we had a chance to taste a Rose̒ wine from Chloe. This wine is made off the Central Coast of California. It is a dry wine that is crisp and has medium tannins.

caribbean sweet potato stew over rice

This wine paired perfectly with a Caribbean Sweet Potato Stew over rice.

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