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Wedding Day Hair: Will yours hold up?

We talked all week about options for your Wedding Day Hair! Are you rocking a natural look, classic, trendy or sassy? When picking your wedding "do" keep in mind that it's a long day, sometimes there is a little rain, a little sun or alot of humidity!

I reached out to hairstylist Manesha owner of "Bella Mane" to ask a few questions to help you with hair tips for your Wedding Day!

CK: Hi Manesha! Thanks for taking some time to answer my hair questions for the blog!

BM: Thank you for choosing me.

Bella Mane by Manesha

CK: What hair style/trend do you see moving into the market for this 2019 wedding season? BM: Hairstyles in 2019 will be all about texture. The Megan Markle messy bun and other “messy but tamed” hairstyles are it in 2019. Natural and a bit undone to hair done up with beautiful eye catching hair accessories.

CK: What hair style do you see Brides try to do that really may not be ideal for a long wedding day? BM: Loose curls! Some brides want to have a soft look without hairspray. Which can result in curls falling. Definitely not ideal for a long wedding day.

Bella Marie by Manesha

CK: Will you travel to a Bride on her wedding day? If so what does that process look like? When should it start and what are the steps to ensure a quick, no surprise on wedding day hair fiasco? BM: Absolutely! My arrival time is scheduled in a contact during the consultation or trial. It is set based on how many people being styled and the start of the first event on the itinerary. A consultation gives me an opportunity to meet the lovely bride before the wedding to understand her expectations and communicate if they are achievable, and to go over the details of the wedding day so that service doesn’t overlap. The consultation or trial is what ensures a smooth, quick, no surprise on wedding day hair fiasco.

CK: What do costs look like for a traveling hair stylist? BM: Pricing will vary depending on several different factors. For the bride prices can start from $125 and up. For bridesmaids or additional family members $85 and up.

CK: Is there anything that Brides should do to better prep their hair before the wedding styling? BM: to stay on schedule I recommend that hair is pre-shampooed and dried prior to styling. Schedule an appointment for extension instillation if required prior to wedding day.

CK: Any suggestions for Brides when considering hair options? BM: My suggestion for a bride when considering hair options is to schedule a trial to get a professional opinion or recommendations from the stylist so that you can see yourself in a particular hairstyle before making a final decision.

CK: What's your styling specialty? BM: Bridal hair styling with extensions. If you don’t have a lot of hair, I can make it look like you do. I specialize in several extensions installation techniques that are compatible with today’s bridal trends.

Bella Mane by Manesha

CK: How long have you been doing hair? BM: I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for 13 years. My passion for hair began very early. While playing with barbies, I would try to create the most intricate hairstyles. By the time I was in high school, I had family ,friends and friends of friends coming to my house every weekend for me to style their hair.

CK: How can Brides reach you? BM: My website is under construction but I can be reached by phone directly

at 216-386-0398. Instagram: @ bellamanebym

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