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Vendor Spotlight: Extra Betty

We love balloons! They bring color, fun and excitement to any special event! We're always delighted to connect with new event professionals, and while scrolling through Instagram we came across Extra Betty, and instantly fell in love with their work and attention to detail. Continue reading below for our exclusive interview:

Covesa Kelly Events: What kind of services do you provide? Extra Betty: Extra Betty provides a FULL menu of balloon décor and gift options. From the smallest of birthday bouquets (which are still quite big!) to the shower/wedding of your dreams, and even the largest of corporate installations - if it needs to POP we've got you!

CKE: How long have you been in this industry?

Extra Betty: We've been in business for almost two years. Extra Betty was born, like so many other small businesses, during the pandemic. I was laid off from my corporate job and looking for ways to celebrate with my school-aged daughters who were missing the themed DIY parties we had grown to love putting together as a family. My sister-in-law shared an image of a garland I created and someone asked to buy one - the rest is history! Two years later, I have my husband on board full-time, part-time employees, a studio space and a commercial vehicle for deliveries - it's truly crazy how quickly this has blown up! (Pun absolutely intended!)

CKE: What makes your company stand out?

Extra Betty: I like to think Extra Betty stands apart because of the care we put into each installation or creation. While we are turning out a pretty large volume of work these days, we still approach every piece of #balloonhappiness from a custom standpoint. You'd be hard pressed to find a job we did that didn't include some sort of extra bit of artistry or wow factor!

CKE: Who is your ideal client?

Extra Betty: Our ideal client is anyone who loves to add something extra to life's moments and trusts us to make their balloon dreams come true! That's truly what I love so much about this business - we meet SO many different types of people who all share the core belief that a little extra magic is always a good idea.

CKE: What events can someone book you for?

Extra Betty: We can help you celebrate everything from a first birthday to a 100th (and we have!) Baby showers, bridal showers, graduations, communions, baptisms, bar/bat mitzvahs - you name it! We are also quite experienced working with corporate and non-profit clients for events like awards ceremonies, open houses, fundraisers and other celebrations. We love helping businesses celebrate their grand openings!

CKE: What is the most elaborate design you have ever made?

Extra Betty: Any one of the custom logo mosaics we've created are pretty elaborate, but I'd have to say a recent installation we did to help Bedrock Cleveland celebrate the opening of Skylight Park in Tower City Center has to be at the top of the list. The installation included balloon trees, garlands galore, a 7-foot Terminal Tower and "CLE" mosaic, and to top it all off, we transformed one of their iconic (but non-functioning) fountains into a spectacular balloon fountain!

CKE: Can you decorate an event outdoors?

Extra Betty: We can absolutely decorate outdoors but ask our clients to keep in mind that environmental factors such as rain, wind, heat and cold all affect not only the look of balloon installations but how long they can last. That being said, we've installed in the snow and in 90+ degree heat - we will always work to make it work!

CKE: Do you provide any rentals to go along with your balloon designs?

Extra Betty: We offer a curated selection of rental items in-house that are meant to accompany our balloons. These items include the beloved peacock chair (great for showers!), circle and rectangle arches. We also have relationships with Alphalit Cleveland, prop rental companies like POMP and local artists for hand-painted items. All that to say, if you need it - we can find it!

CKE: How far in advance should someone book your services?

Extra Betty: The sooner, the better! It's never too early to secure a spot on our calendar with a deposit. That being said, 4-6 weeks is ideal, 2-4 is great and under two weeks is often workable (we've turned something around in as little as 24 hours!)

CKE: How can prospective clients connect with you?

Extra Betty: The BEST way to get in touch is via our Inquiry Form, which you'll find linked at the top of If you want to follow along on our crazy balloon business adventure and see our latest work, you can also find us on Instagram and Facebook (@extrabetty) You can also shoot an email to

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