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Updated: Mar 18

Due to Covid-19 numerous Americans spent most of the past two years being cooped up in their house with limited outside interaction. Now, as Covid-19 cases are spiraling down and CDC mandates are being lifted, people more than ever want to resume living their best life pre-covid. For most people, this means getting to travel and experience the world around them. However, traveling without the help of an experienced professional can often times be intimidating and overwhelming.

Who should you book out of the numerous travel agents you see promoting all over social media? Look no further than into Rosalyn Cooper, Founder and Lead Travel Consultant at Social Butterfly Express. Her company specializes in 100% custom travel experiences including destination weddings, honeymoons, bachelor/bachelorette parties, anniversary trips, and more! We are so excited to share our one on one interview with Rosalyn below!

Covesa Kelly Events: Why should someone book your services?

Rosalyn Cooper: I am very personable with all my clients from the first conversation which sets the tone of vacation planning and building a relationship. I ask those little questions that can add a personal touch on their

vacation. None of my clients are just another number to me and their adventures never look like anyone else's. Expedia isn’t going to care that you are celebrating your Honeymoon or reach out to the resort to add a surprise for you. I’ve built lasting friendships with clients that I value and enjoy talking to them about things outside of travel.

CKE: What all can clients expect from their travel agent?

Rosalyn: When working with Social Butterfly Express, my clients can expect to not have to do anything but approve the selected resort and pack. My clients receive all updated CDC guidelines based on the destination they are traveling to, flexible payment plans, a direct person to talk with when issues occur, and a general travel guide of things to do leading up to departure.

CKE: How affordable are destination weddings?

Rosalyn: Destination Weddings are very affordable and the costs depend on the time of year traveling, number of guests and wedding package selected. Each resort has their own wedding packages that won't look the same as another resort. Plus, if the couple selects an All Inclusive Resort, guests won’t have to worry about paying for meals, drinks outside of the wedding, easy to take advantage of resort entertainment, and plan one group excursion on the last day.

CKE: Are destination weddings more affordable than domestic weddings?

Rosalyn: In my opinion I think Destination Weddings are more affordable especially when it comes to guests having to factor in outside costs besides the wedding activities.

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CKE: What is your favorite destination for bridal party trips?

Rosalyn: My favorite destinations for bridal party trips are Cancun, Punta Cana, Jamaica, and Los Cabos. It all depends on what the bridal party wants and how soon they decide to start planning. I’ve worked with a Bride that was in full control of her Bachelorette Weekend but her Bridal Party went with whatever destination she selected no matter the costs

CKE: What are some affordable places for bridal parties to travel to?

Rosalyn: Affordability depends on the time of year traveled, destination, travel budget and when planning starts. Mexico is always an affordable destination for Bridal Parties to travel and have fun.

CKE: Do you make itineraries for your clients?

Rosalyn: Yes, all of my itineraries are based on what my clients want, so not everyone will look the same. I have clients that want a fully loaded itinerary and others just want to go with the flow.

CKE: How practical is it to travel internationally with CDC guidelines?

Rosalyn: It's not hard at all to travel internationally with CDC guidelines. Once a destination has been secured I go over current CDC guidelines with all my clients and provide an update closer to departure. Traveling internationally depends mainly on how comfortable my clients are.

CKE: What are some exotic places in the US for bachelorette trips? Exotic is what you make it no matter the destination. For US bachelorette trips solely depends on what the Bride Tribe wants. I’ve gotten requests for Hilton Head, SC, Palm Springs, CA, Scottsdale, AZ, Savannah, GA, Las Vegas, NV, Florida Keys.

CKE: How far in advance should someone book your services?

Rosalyn: It honestly depends on what a client is planning. For a Honeymoon, I highly recommend that they book at least 7-8 months in advance. This will allow the couple to get the resort, room option and take full advantage of my payment plan offered. If clients are booking a Bachelorette/Bachelor Weekend, planning out at least 12 months in advance to spread payment plans out and allow the bridal party to factor costs into other Bridal Party Duties. Destination Weddings at least 12 months in advance to secure the date

and resort. It also allows guests to start paying on rooms/flights.

Are you ready to add travel to your 2022 calendar? Reach out to get a quote - complementary and obligation free!

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