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Throw it back!

Thursday is an appropriate day to throw it back one time to one of our early events!

I love to look back for so many reasons, but it shows me how far we have come as a business and how things have changed in the event industry. When I opened our FaceBook Page Album and went to the oldest one - to my surprise it was actually a Surprise Birthday Party I threw for my mom back in 2011 (NINE YEARS AGO THIS AUGUST – time really goes so fast)! Click here to see the album - and don't forget to like our page : )

The timing is impeccable because my mom’s birthday party was at the Cleveland Restoration Society in Cleveland and we just hosted a another surprise party there this past weekend for a former bride’s birthday (I love when the guys call. Her husband threw her an amazing surprise all white birthday party).

The immediate differences that I saw were:

- Floor plan

- Use of furniture

- Use of rentals (chairs, tables)

- The obvious all white theme

Items that are kind of the same:

- Cakes are still a “thing”

- Lighting is necessary

- Guests really love celebrating somewhere new

- Guests love the bar

Due to Covid-19 we are noticing small celebrations vs large ones. It actually works, people are still able to celebrate, the costs are lower because entertaining 40 people costs less than trying to entertain 140 people. The reduction of people allows you to include additions that make a big impression such as:

- Lounge furniture

- Great dinner options (this past weekend we had a surf and turf meal)

- A full and amazing bar

Want to see more pictures from this gorgeous garden? Click here!

Are you looking to put together a small but memorable celebration? Shoot us an email, we have our masks ready and are excited to be part of your celebration!

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