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Summer is short, let's get tasting!!!!!

Updated: Mar 18

bottle of wine and 2 lanterns

Let’s talk about a summer drink, delightful and fresh ripe fruit Riesling is the perfect summer drink! There are so many varieties of Rieslings, some can range from super dry to a delicious sweet even a sparkling or still wine. However, a traditional Riesling has less residual sugar and is typically dry.

This past weekend Dancing Birds stopped by Magna Wine Boutique located in downtown Bedford, OH, where we had a chance to taste some phenomenal wines. One of our favorite wines was BEX Riesling This German made wine was amazing and mouthwatering with its bursts of lime, white grapefruit and hint of mandarin orange. Riesling starts intense then mellows in flavor, its crispiness and high acidity is what makes it perfect for a sassy spicy dish.

So, if you’re looking for a glass of wine to quench your summer thirst try a refreshing Riesling!

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