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“Sophisticated Foods, Drinks, & Life Approaches With A Hint Of Ratchetness”-

By: Gourmet Gent

What’s Up World,

Thank you for checking out my blog post! What I am sure that you will find particularly

interesting is that I am willing to share with you my life on a platter. This blog will highlight

aspects of my personality and various growth experiences through jovial entertainment &

food anecdotes.


Hello blog world, allow me to introduce myself. The name is Gourmet Gent; short for gentleman, indie chef, and southern charm, nevertheless, The Gourmet Gent is just an alias. What can I say, it’s a Gemini thing. To share a little about me, I am a passionate leader, educator, free spirit, and wander luster. Outside of my love for music and helping others, I have become extremely passionate about cooking; especially as it relates to the art of

plating and dating.

As a child, I was always scolded for playing with my food, but as I grew into adulthood, I am

now able to do as I please. Who would ever think that my rebellion spirit would later lend

itself to something purposeful. Believe it or not, my love for cooking actually resulted from a

place of lack, which birthed a sense of creativity & culinary ingenuity. Many of examples of lack are as follows;

A. Lack of Financial Resources (i.e. Inability to afford fine dining experiences)

B. Lack of Relational Purpose (i.e. serial and recreational dating)

C. Lack of Interest & Enjoyment in Traditional Dating Activities (I.e. lack of intimacy)

D. Lack of Confidence & Personal Identity (i.e. Curse of Comparison)

E. Lack of Love (i.e. Hopeless romantic in its truest sense)

F. Etc.

Instagram: @gourmetgent

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