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Self-care: The Very First Step to Looking... and Feeling... Your Best

By: Kelli Williams

Hello Beauties! Warning: What you are about to read is going to sound incredibly cliche. It’s also probably full of things you’ve already heard and you already know. So you’re probably wondering why I’m even writing this. Easy. Everything I’m going to say is worth repeating because as women, we need to be reminded of how important it is to take care of ourselves. I don’t just mean going to get our hair and nails done (although those are highly acceptable forms of self-care), but practicing habits that can give us inner peace and happiness.

Raise your hand if you spend tons of energy taking care of those around you. Your spouse, children, parents, boss and friends all drain you, unintentionally of course. Often, we find ourselves pouring from an empty cup. It’s incredibly crucial to your well-being that you make a concerted effort to do things that put you in a good mood. Make time to relax. It can be simple and doesn’t have to be costly. Here are 5 things I do routinely when it comes to self care.

  1. Take a hot, steamy shower without interruption. For a more spa-like experience, toss in a shower tablet from The Body Restore Inc, Amazon, $24.97. When activated by steam, they fill your bathroom with the scent of mint and eucalyptus creating a relaxing atmosphere. Top that off with using your favorite body wash and lotion. You’ll leave your bathroom feeling stress-free and rejuvenated.

  2. Light a candle. This instantly improves my mood and puts me in a happy mental space. Not only does it make my house smell great but just watching the flame flicker puts me at peace. 

  3. Watch YouTube. Ok you may not have expected this one. But my favorite thing to do is cozy up on the couch and watch some of my favorite vloggers. You probably think my fave videos are about makeup, but actually I love cleaning and organizational videos! This isn’t the normal self-care, but remember: self-care can be anything that brings you peace or joy.

  4. Enjoy my favorite beverage. Not gonna lie. It used to be wine. But these days it’s coffee. I find that a hot beverage is soothing to my soul! I also love a hot cup of tea. Either one, in my favorite coffee mug, makes me feel relaxed.

  5. Take a nap. If you are someone who is constantly on the go and obsessed with being productive every second of the day like me, you can’t remember the last time you paused long enough to take a nap. Not only is getting sufficient sleep vital to our physical and mental health, but it reduces stress and helps our bodies to ward off illness. I like to close my eyes for 20 to 30 minutes just to recharge.

Also in my self-care repertoire are dancing in my kitchen like no one is watching, polishing my toes and pretty much anything I can do while wearing a bathrobe! Do the things that make you happy. Treat yourself. Take care of yourself. Makeup plays but only a tiny part in helping you look your best. No amount of makeup can mask the effects of not being truly happy. And when you’re happy and healthy, you are your most radiant self. I hope that sharing my go-to forms of self-care gives you some ideas. Let me know what your self-care routine is! Until next time!



Kelli Williams is a freelance makeup artist in the Cleveland, Ohio area specializing in bridal and editorial makeup. For more makeup advice and tips, connect with a Kelli on Instagram @kissnmakeupxo.



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