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Pinot Noir

Looking for a light bodied red wine? Look no further than a Pinot Noir. This is the most popular in the family of light-bodied red wines. 

While this grape varietal is typically found in France, the North America region is

increasingly becoming popular. Found primarily in California, this grapes shines in places that get a cool breeze from the Pacific Ocean. A Cali Pinot Noir is normally rich and fruity and is best paired with duck, chicken, salmon, pork and mushrooms.   

The 2016 Pinot Noir from Theopolis Vineyards has aromas of black cherry and cranberry with subtle notes of spicy oak. It has undertones of the forest floor with flavors of red ripe fruits. This wine finishes soft and gentle and at 14.6% Alc/Vol. we know this wine will set the tone as we get into fall. 


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