• Eve

"Mommy to Bee" Themed Baby Shower

The birds and the bees have been busy this year and now it's time to plan the perfect baby shower! Whether you already know the gender of the baby or you're choosing to go a less traditional route; gender neutral baby showers are increasing in popularity! One of our favorite themes that we've seen buzzing around is "Mommy to Bee", this isn't your cliché baby shower but it's the perfect way to celebrate the Bee-autiful Mommy to Bee!

What we love about this theme is the potential for puns (how many puns did you notice in the first paragraph alone?)! Both of the invitations featured are perfect examples of how cute and clever this theme can be interpreted. Example 1 titled their baby shower "Parents to Bee" while Example 2 used "A Little Honey is on the Way".

Planning a themed baby shower is one of the easiest ways to ensure cohesiveness. To start, pick three colors that reflect your theme and try to stick to that color palette throughout the event. In our vision board below we chose yellow, black and brown as our main color scheme. As you can see everything pictured doesn't have bees displayed, but because we stayed in our color palette everything looks good together.

Tailoring your food and favors to your theme is another way to tie everything in together. For this theme in particular, we would suggest featuring snacks and foods that are yellow or honey flavored. For a customized approach look into local bakeries or independent bakers that specialize in custom creations. When it comes to favors, honey lollipops that can also be used as tea stirrers or even Burt's Bees honey flavored lip balm