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Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day: Necessity or Luxury?

Hey! It's Covesa and if you know me, you know that I really like things done a certain type of way (the right way). Having a makeup artist for ANY occasion where a camera will be pointed in your face is the right way. I totally understand that many women are hesitant about makeup because they are inexperienced, had a bad experience one time or feel beautiful without it. All good stuff, but when done properly it's a great way to enhance your natural features for a finished look.

I have had the absolute joy of working with makeup artist Kelli Williams on my own personal photoshoots, client weddings and more. I'm super excited to introduce you to her on the blog!

There are a few things brides consider right away when they begin wedding planning.

Venue? Check. Wedding dress? Check. Hairstyle? Check.

What I’ve noticed in my years as a makeup artist servicing brides is that makeup is sort of an afterthought. While other details are decided upon rather quickly - sometimes a year in advance - makeup tends to be one of the services booked last as brides decide if they really need a makeup artist or if one of her girlfriends is ‘good enough’ to do her makeup.

When compiling a budget, they must decide, is this something I really need?

Well I’m here to tell you. Yes. Yes it is!

There are many reasons why hiring a makeup artist is not only a luxury but downright imperative! Here are just a few.


Any photographer will tell you emphatically, that good makeup equates to quality photos. An experienced MUA considers how the makeup we apply will look in your wedding album. Certain products do not agree with the camera’s flash. Because the flash can “wash out” your skin, proper placement of color is a must. Photos last forever and chances are you are paying a hefty amount of money for someone to document every part of your day. Make it count!


Having an MUA service your bridal party guarantees that each member looks their best and that everything has a consistent flow. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but you don’t have to stress about “that one friend” whose makeup choices you question at every “Girls Night Out” but no one tells her! Eek!

Time Management

Imagine having all your bridesmaids in one place the morning of the wedding. I have seen brides panic when one bridesmaid is running late at the nail salon, another at the hair salon and another getting her makeup done at MAC. As a bride, your wedding day is certainly not a day you want to keep tabs on everyone’s location. Solution? Hire an artist who will travel to you. Ask your wedding planner to provide you and your ladies with an itinerary. Problem solved!


Last but definitely not least, it’s your big day. The last thing you want to be

responsible for is your own makeup. When a bride sits in my chair, I can tell it’s the first moment of peace she’s had in awhile. As a bride, this is your time to relax. Block out the noise. Sit back and relax in a quiet place. It’s the calm before the storm; the happy storm, that is. :) The rest of your day is going to be filled with excitement, so this is a great time to mentally decompress and take it all in.

If one or more of those things are important to you, you should absolutely budget for a makeup artist. Find one in your area by asking your planner or other brides for recommendations. Social media may be the best tool to find a makeup artist in your city because you can see tons of client photos and reviews. Schedule a trial session and book him or her for your wedding day! An ideal time to book an artist is 9 to 12 months in advance, especially if you plan to marry during a busy wedding season like summer or fall. Happy searching!



Kelli Williams is a freelance makeup artist in the Cleveland, Ohio area specializing in bridal and editorial makeup. For more makeup advice and tips, connect with Kelli on Instagram @kissnmakeupxo.


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