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Love Conquers All

Kamron Khan Photography

We have successfully tackled a few events during Covid-19, even a wedding!

I thought I would be sad because of all the amazing plans that had to be amended but it really turned out to be an amazing, love filled day.

The latest event that I was super excited for was a wedding originally scheduled for May 30, 2020. The original plan was for the wedding to be held at the beautiful Shoreby Club in Bratenahl. I was SUPER excited to plan my first wedding there and boy did we have a plan coming together. I was looking forward to seeing the guests arrive for an 11am ceremony and receive their chilled glass of champagne while taking their seat on the gorgeous bluff overlooking Lake Erie. I couldn’t wait to see the brunch setup with the Mimosa and Bloody Mary Bars – it truly was going to be one for the books! The groom had a connection with a live band that was going to play for brunch and alternate with the DJ, what a great day we had planned!

Even though the plans changed, I was excited that the couple just wanted to get married

and have an intimate celebration at their amazing complex in downtown Cleveland. We were able to still bring some ideas from the original wedding plan but we did have to make a few adjustments. We moved the start time back from brunch to 7pm with pre-ceremony cocktails and appetizers with the Bride heading down the aisle at 7:30pm to Saxy Rob, a live saxophonist playing the traditional Wedding March.

Wayne Dawson was the officiant and he gave a beautiful ceremony service where we talked about tips for a successful marriage and tasked the couple with remembering that your partner is not perfect and neither are you.

PearlFlower Catering

We tapped PearlFlower Catering for some great individually served appetizers along with chilled champagne on the rooftop as guests arrived.

We had DJ Lo-Key from LoKey Entertainment to offer us a great party experience for the reception! We took the cake design from 4 tiers to 2 with Luna Bakery and Stems Fleur

Luna Bakery

brought it all together with amazing fresh floral bouquets and arrangements! We had our photo and video team there to capture every perfect element with Kamron Khan and Destiny Fulfilled.

It was a great day!

Things I’m learning as we move through Covid-19 events are (this is realization over a couple of events completed and a few coming):

- Sometimes less is best (40 people vs. 140 people is awesome).

- Team work truly is what will make the dream work. You have to have the right partners around you to help bring a plan together.

- Zoom is a beautiful tool but needs to be in the plan and not a last-minute thought.

- I have an amazing team (I knew this, but it has been reinforced).

- Covid-19 isn’t stopping things, slowing down - yes, stopping - no.

- People start with the masks and end without them.

- Venues are asking for contact information for the guests in case there is a outbreak at their facility .

- RSVP numbers have been spot on (if they say they are coming, they are showing up).

- The responsibility for safety lies with the event professionals because guests are not practicing social distancing or consistently wearing the masks.

- Folks are dancing.

- Additional charges are being applied via janitorial services, sanitization services or additional staffing.

- Sanitization services are being required by some locations and they are pricey.

- Love is a beautiful thing!

Video created by Destiny Fulfilled


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