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Updated: Mar 15

If you're looking to add a touch of class to your wedding or special event, ice sculptures are the perfect route to go! Ice sculptures can be made in almost any shape or form, and in a variety of sizes. They not only add elegance but they also provide an interactive experience for your guests.

Historically, Ice Sculptures were often referred to as "budget busters" because of their fairly expensive price.

Clients often want ice sculptures but when narrowing down their budget, this concept often gets omitted.

Throughout the years we've seen more corporate events utilizing ice sculptures compared to weddings but that's all changing with the new "over the top wedding experiences ".

ice sculptures at event

A few years ago, we did a wedding for a couple that desired a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, so we reached out to Elegant Ice Creations and they created ice sculpture mannequins that served champagne to the couple's guests! The couple decided on having a pre-ceremony cocktail hour, and as guests walked into the venue, they were astonished as they were greeted by these unique mannequins!

Ice sculpture saying "mia and charles"

Ice sculptures can go beyond just blocks of ice with a name, monogram or logo carved into it. To have a wow factor while also getting more bang for your buck, consider utilizing a sculpture that serves a multifunctional purpose. Over the years, we've seen ice bars, and ice luges grow in popularity. We have also seen ice carvings for serving appetizers, seafood or fruit that not only serve a functional role, but can be used luxurious décor as well!

Thank you for reading our "Ice Me Out" blog. We hope you enjoyed our content, and we’re excited to see more ice sculptures at future events! Our goal is to bring you the best information about all things event related. If there are topics that interest you but aren’t covered yet on our blog, please let us know! We'd love to hear from you.

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